LUX SKIN® Spin Cleansing Brush
LUX SKIN® Spin Cleansing Brush

LUX SKIN® Spin Cleansing Brush

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Get your cleanest pores with this portable facial brush

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Luxury deep cleansing at the comfort of your home! Get smooth, clean, and texture-free skin with our premium quality cleansing brush. 

What it Is

LUX SKIN® Spin Cleansing Brush is the Top-Selling skin cleansing tool for all skin types! 

This premium quality Cleansing Brush is designed to easily remove dirt, oil, makeup, and debris from your face. Get a salon-like facial at home! 

Why Is it Special

  • 3 Brush Heads - Standard, soft, and sponge brush heads suit different skin types and cleansing needs. 
  • Adjustable Speeds - You can choose the intensity you prefer from the two adjustable speed settings. 
  • Deep Yet Gentle - Gentle enough to not irritate your skin but deep enough to remove all the dirt and impurities from your pores. 
  • Water-Resistant Body - Perfect for quick facial cleansing between showers because of its water-resistant body. 
  • USB Charge - Rechargeable battery with a USB cable so you can power your device wherever you are. 

How it Works 

The LUX SKIN® Spin Cleansing Brush uses fast-spinning motions to massage the product into your skin and remove all the dirt and dead skin build-up. It features two adjustable speed levels and three changeable brush heads for different uses.

The standard brush head is suitable for normal to oily skin, and the soft brush head suits dry and sensitive skin. While the sponge brush head is ideal for removing makeup. 

How to Use 

Step 1: Ensure the device is charged (3 hours for the first use)

Step 2: Attach the brush head of your choice. Simply pull/push to remove and attach the brush head.

Step 3: Use after wetting your face with warm water for best results. Then you can apply a face cleanser if you wish.

Step 4: Press the white power button once for low speed and twice for high speed.

Step 5: Clean your face in circular motions for several minutes.

Step 6: Wash your face with warm water and apply a moisturizer or serum to keep the skin hydrated.

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