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LUX SKIN® Sonic LED Cleansing Brush

LUX SKIN® Sonic LED Cleansing Brush

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    The LUX SKIN™ Sonic Cleansing Brush is a unique device that combines, Sonic Vibrations and LED Light Therapy into one beautiful, easy to use handheld device. 


    1. Sonic Vibrations (for cleansing your face)
    2. LED Light Therapy (for boosting collagen, clearing up acne and regenerating skin)


    Blue Light:

    Used to treat acne and oily skin 

    Purple Light:

    Promote Lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins and waste from the skin.

    Red Light:

    Used to treat wrinkles and enhance regeneration of collagen.



    The Sonic LED Brush features a simple USB charging base, simply sit the device sideways on the base to charge!