LED Mask & Sculptor Bundle

LED Mask & Sculptor Bundle

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  • Combines LED Light, EMS Microcurrent, Heat & Massage
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  • Tightens and tones the face and neck
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  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
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  • Promote glowing, younger looking skin
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This bundle will have your whole body looking brand new! With flawless skin with our LED Facial Mask and a sculpted complexion from our Neck and Face Sculptor!

    LED Facial Mask Benefits >

    • 2 Hour battery life usage
    • Improved silicone eye mask for total comfort
    • 60 Medical Grade LED lights 
    • Fully charged in 30 minutes
    • Unique wireless design 

    Our wireless face mask uses medical grade LED light therapy which penetrates into the skin layers and targets skin issues at a cellular level. 

    Unlike other LED masks which are only using RED LED light, the LUX SKIN mask has 3 modes (Blue, Red and Yellow LED light) each light penetrates the skin at a different wavelength which helps with different skin issues.

    Blue LED Light (470nm) Benefits:

    • Stimulate blood flow (the key to younger looking skin)
    • Kills acne causing bacteria (reduce and prevent acne)

    Red LED Light (650nm) Benefits:

    • Increase levels of collagen
    • Promote cellular repair and rejuvenation 
    • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
    • Reduce appearance of redness and pigmentation

    Yellow LED Light (560nm) Benefits:

    • Reduce dark spots, inflammation and swelling
    • Reduce skin irritation and rosacea
    • Boost lymphatic flow

    Neck & Face Sculptor Benefits >

    • Reduce double chin
    • Reduce fine lines/wrinkles
    • Tighten/tone face and neck
    • Increase blood flow circulation and collagen production
    • Cleanse pores from nasty bacteria that causes acne
    • 4-In-1 Technology - Combines 4 technologies into 1 device: LED Light Therapy, EMS Micro Current, Heat Therapy and Facial Massage.
    • Unique Design - The device has been designed so it can target the trouble areas of the neck and face where skin tends to sag the most and fine lines first appear.
    • Lightweight Device - Easy to hold and carry, you can use it from the comfort of your bed or couch, you can travel with it so your skin will be looking flawless year round.
    • USB-C Charger - Comes with a handy USB-C cord for charging, no need for batteries or bases for the device.
    • Affordable - A very affordable device compared to others on the market or salon treatments which will cost you hundreds per session!